DNA Consulting Service

Over the past several years, DNA science has proliferated into our society like never before, in the area of genealogy and paternity. However, many feel there has never been a more important use for this technology than in the area of forensic investigation.

At Lapuck Labs our DNA Consultant Practice provides services with respect to forensic DNA investigation. We provide consulting services and case review processes on a wide area of forensic issues and develop reports in clear, simple and understandable terms.

Our consulting process includes the exanimation of DNA testing and documentation for quality and thoroughness. We help defense attorneys to understand the scientific and medical terminologies included in DNA results provided to them by state crime laboratories. We also serve as an observing DNA specialist in state crime labs on behalf of defense attorneys as well. We stand behind our services with over 25 years of experience.

Services We Provide

  • Case-File Review
  • Council with admissibility hearings
  • Trial preparation
  • Review of DNA analysis.
    This can be used in active and post-conviction cases
  • Post-Conviction Review
    A through post conviction review may eliminate the need for forensic
    DNA testing all together, thus saving time money and resources.
  • Expert witness testimony

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