Food Safety Consulting Services

At Lapuck Laboratories, Inc. we offer comprehensive food safety program packages to the food industry. LL project managers work with food industry clients and assist them in designing custom programs which best meets the client’s food safety needs.

Through experience, technology and management we provide the best business results to our clients.

Services We Provide

  • Food Safety & Sanitation
  • Food Processing Audit
  • Food Service Audit
  • HAACP Plan
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
  • Facility Plan Review
  • Equipment Design & Construction Consultations
  • Regulatory Compliance Review
  • Supplier Audits
  • Crisis Management
  • Product Recall Plan
  • Sanitation Effectiveness Testing
  • Food Safety Training
  • Food Service Managers
  • Food Processing Managers & Supervisors
  • Retail Food Managers


Lapuck Labs will work with you on-site to assemble your HACCP team; describe your product; identify intended end user(s); construct your process flow diagram; and, verify the flow diagram correctly depicts your process.

Following the seven HACCP Principles, Lapuck Labs will work with you to:

  • Conduct the Hazard Analysis
  • Determine Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Establish Critical Limits for each CCP
  • Develop a Monitoring System for each CCP
  • Determine Corrective Actions
  • Establish Verification Procedures; and
  • Develop Record-Keeping and Documentation Procedures

Our goal is to take the mystery and hassle out of developing, implementing, validating and verifying your HACCP Plan.

Lapuck Labs will audit your operations to determine the status of your perquisite Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs). These programs must be in place to enable the proper operation of the HACCP plan.

When training needs are identified Labuck Labs can provide the necessary training customized to your operation. Courses can be targeted to executive management, supervisor/manager, HACCP team and production employees.

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