Forensic Testing Services:

Lapuck Laboratories, Inc. in collaboration with nationally certified partnership laboratories, specializes in forensic testing relative to narcotics, prescription and otc drugs, specialty chemicals, and foods. Our forensic testing experts use state-of-the-art instrumentation such as FTIR to solve problems of a complex nature. We provide free consultation without expecting a commitment.


The demand for DNA testing laboratories has expanded throughout the world within the past few years. The public is rapidly discovering the remarkable power that can be unleashed with DNA testing. DNA analysis has been used to match suspects to crime scenes with nothing more than a single hair or nail clipping. DNA also has the power to conclusively determine paternity cases with a minimum probability of 99.9%.

DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) analysis is the most powerful tool in use today for personal identification. DNA is a molecule found thought the entire body that determines all inherited characteristics.

Some of the applications of DNA technology include:

  • Parentage Testing
  • Criminal Forensic Identification
  • Clinical Sample to Sample Identification
  • Product Liability Case

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